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"WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING" Special! The groundhog promises us an early spring and then most of the Northeast gets pounded by snow! Well, what do you expect from a rodent whose closest cousin is a RAT! Not to despair, though: this hot deal will keep you cozy until the big thaw. From now until March 1, you can buy a SIGNED EDITION of either SENTRY'S PAST or SENTRY'S TIME for the amazingly low price of $ 10.00 each! Act now, before this deal melts away!

SENTRY'S PAST: Veil of Darkness

SENTRY'S PAST: Veil of Darkness by A.M. Boyle On the edge of our perception lie the quantum planes of existence, unseen worlds where arcane beings watch us with malevolent intent, unable to cross over into our world. But now they have found a way to erode the boundaries that protect our world from theirs, threatening to twist our reality into a terrifying nightmare. Jack Monterey holds the key that can either stop this catastrophe from happening, or bring it to fruition. While battling his own internal demons, he is thrust into a desperate race to uncover the truth and free himself from an intricate a web of deception before it's too late. Still, the deadly secrets hidden in his mind could ultimately destroy us all.

SENTRY'S TIME: Veil of Redemption

Six months ago, a battle was fought for the survival of our world. Jack Monterey's life was shattered, the memories of his past exposed. Worse yet, he still can't shake the ominous feeling of unfinished business. And with good reason. He's about to discover that, what should’ve been the end was, in reality, only the beginning. The Balance has been irreparably altered. New threats have emerged hovering at the edge of our plane of existence and rising up from within. This time, despite his newly discovered abilities—or perhaps because of them—Jack Monterey may be powerless to intervene. Once again the truth is cloaked by duplicity, hidden just out of his reach. Still, to claim his one shot at redemption and preserve the Balance, Jack must risk everything to protect those around him and face down the inconceivable threat that could tear this world, and him, apart from the inside out.

The Black Whole

A collection of short stories designed to challenge your perception and twist your head around. Compiled by Jacqueline Jones and published by DIC Press, these stories, ranging from the bizarre to the fantastic, will creep into the back of your mind and stay with you long after the last page has been turned.

Holiday of the Dead Anthology

The zombie apocalypse can really put a downer on your holiday… 38 holiday-themed zombie stories from new and established authors including Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo, Tony Burgess, Shaun Jeffrey, Rod Glenn, Iain McKinnon, Matt Hilton, David Dunwoody, Wayne Simmons, Bowie V Ibarra, Joe McKinney, Remy Porter, A P Fuchs, Thomas Emson and Eric S Brown. Over 500 pages crammed full of flesh-eating horror and dark humor from the cream of UK, US and Canadian talent. Theme parks, serial killers, seaside resorts, Christmas, Thanksgiving and fishing trips. You’ll scream, you’ll laugh and you might even shed a tear… Holiday zombie horror has never been so entertaining.



A.M. Boyle Bookshop: A Safe Place To Buy Signed Copies of A.M. Boyle's Works

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A.M. Boyle Bookshop: A Safe Place To Buy Signed Copies of A.M. Boyle's Works

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